Ace & Tate

Seabin Project

ADCN Talent Awards 2018 entry

The most prolific plastic littering the oceans are cigarette butts, making up a huge 30% of total litter with 4.5 TRILLION butts tossed each year. They seep toxins into water and poison marine life. Though, many don’t realise they can be recycled.

Cellulose acetate: the main component in cigarette filters is the same material used in quality plastic sunglass frames. How often is it that something a smoker tosses so carelessly could have a second life as a prized possession on their face?

Idea:  Ace & Tate X Seabin Project  - The Reframed collection

Partnering with Seabin Project, Ace & Tate re-release a permanent collection of their most classic frames in an acetate made from recycled cigarette butts, salvaged from the ocean by Seabins.

A permanent collection that also acts as a permanent fund, allocating a percentage of profits to the implementation of more Seabins for waterways in cities where Ace & Tate trade to proactively combat the ocean plastics crisis.

The Reframed Collection will be launched with a campaign reframing the way consumers think about quality materials and where they’re sourced from, encouraging, and even glamourising, more circular behaviour.