For a company that relies so heavily on their review system, wouldn’t it be worth giving the old system a refresh?

Many an excited young traveller Snapchats from inside their rooms during travel downtime. Why not put these to use as a better way for’s Generation Z target audience to review and seek out accommodation?

Putting review-worthy content that would normally be lost, back on the map.

How it works

Snapchat’s Map function allows users to see live snaps from anywhere in the world, so let’s encourage people who are snapping their stay to share with ‘Our Story’ so it will appear on the SnapMap. will place snapchat QR codes alongside accommodation listings. Viewers can scan these through the Snapchat app and be taken to that location on the map to see what’s happening there at that very moment.

Allowing them to decide where they want to stay in a Snap.


This review system could extend to a banner campaign, made entertaining and useful by filling the space with live feeds of Snap Reviews from’s most popular hostels.