Arts Week London

Eurobest Integrated Competition, 2017Honourable mention 
The Eurobest Festival Integrated Competition saw us tackle a brief for UN Women’s HeForShe initiative — in 24 hours.

The objectives were to call attention to the continuous issue of gender inequality, while also encouraging attendance and engagement in the HeForShe Arts Week London.

Essentially transforming a zero pound budget into something meaningful for everyone involved.

Donate Your Name

Removing the gender labels
that divide humanity

Though most of us are working together towards gender equality, what continues to divide us —consciously and unconsciously — are the labels we have for ourselves; our first names.

Half the world is marked inferior by their frst name. To protest this gender inequality, HeForShe encourages supporters to donate their name. 

A social stunt propelled by big-name ambassadors giving up their big names to draw attention and gain support for the cause. 

The movement encourages the everyday activist to get involved by donating to remove their own name on social media channels and encouraging friends to join in.

Content  featuring key influencers who refrain from using their first name, such as J.K. Rowling and Grimes.

Print in partnership with The Guardian and The Telegraph, we create the world’s first genderless newpaper by removing first names from their publications during Arts Week.

OOH Stunt removing the names of notable London Underground stations to match the campaign.

OOH using the space on the Art Week venues to feature artists’ work that encourages public engagement.