Grown Respectfully

Jongehonden Entry
1st place

A youth focused campaign for Nescafé to show transparency on their journey towards 100% sustainable coffee.

People have a natural perception that big brands are bad.
Insight: Nescafé’s Grown Respectfully initiative, supports over a million coffee farmers — big and small. The trouble is, they have so many small suppliers that it’s difficult for them to inspect them all and therefore certify them as sustainable.
Idea:Coffee farms are in exotic, #wanderlust destinations that millennial travellers are already visiting, or dying to visit. This idea aims to connect the audience’s desire for unique travel experience with Nescafé’s need to inspect the farms.

Making the Grown Respectfully initiative so transparent, that people not only get to experience its impact first-hand — they can actually help strengthen it.

Process: By releasing and promoting the co-ordinates of all of our coffee suppliers, we’ll open them up for anyone to go and experience.

For the travellers that take the initiative, we’ll compensate them (eg. with flight vouchers or cash-back). All they need to do is share their photos, videos and observations with us.

We’ll specifically target travellers who are already near plantations through Instagram location tagged posts. Encouraging them to add another stop along their travels.

As well as seeding the story on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum to engage the most captive audience.
A live digital map plots the Grown Respectfully activities as a way to document the impact they’ve already made. As more travellers take part in the Destination Plantation initiative, the map will populate with plantation information. Helping Nescafe create a  completely transparent progress report of the Grown Respectfully initiative.
Destination Plantation helps monitor and identify where needs of farmers and communities can be addressed, while sharing the Grown Respectfully story on a global platform.