Reactions Against Racism

Cannes Young Lions PR Competition, 2018
Honourable mention

The client for the Young Lions PR competition was Amnesty International, bringing forth the overwhelmingly broad challenge: tackle the global issue of racial discrimination.

Social media has given rise to hate speech, which has become a serious human rights concern. While self-policing is the strategy for social media companies, many countries have grown wary of their slow and ineffective systems.
Online hate mongering has created a culture where people fear to speak against it publicly. But the silence only perpetuates the problem.
Reactions Against Racism; a hack of the Facebook reaction buttons to provide people a tool to flag discriminating content on Facebook, while helping develop a human algorithm to prevent discrimination in the future.
Process: When someone finds a post hateful, they can react to it with the Amnesty International hacked button (replacing the existing “angry” reaction.
The poster is then notified, and forwarded to the Reactions Against Racism library, where they see their comment amongst others, with an explainer enabling them to amend it.